Simon Pearce Fall 2016 Page 16

16 Since its founding in 1981, Simon Pearce has been using classic glass-making and pottery techniques that harken back centuries. No matter how refined the design or how forward-looking the concept, hand-crafting is required. For the Bristol Collection, James Murray, Simon Pearce's chief of design, began with ideas for a flute and tumbler that he carefully rendered on paper. After making numerous revisions, the process of manufacturing began, which required blowing, shaping, sculpting, cutting, trimming, molding, and cooling in our workshops in Vermont and Maryland. "For both the Bristol Collection and our ever-evolving line of marbleized pottery, we use old-world techniques and real, basic tools to make something that is decidedly modern," says James. "Even in what appears to be something simple, there is an art-in the way, say, the broader surface of an object relates to its smaller ones, where a curve falls." Visitors to our workshops can witness the process.

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