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19 T H E B A R A T S I M O N P E A R C E Built circa 1825, the Quechee, Vermont woolen mill is where Simon Pearce set up his first American location more than three decades ago. It was here that Simon built his home, raised his family, and realized his passion for crafting the finest glass and ceramics. In an effort to host the thousands of people who come through every year to experience Simon's way of living, we expanded our space in 2015 to include the Simon Pearce Bar. The heft of well-balanced stemware. The flow of a custom-crafted pilsner glass. The elegance of an iconic martini silhouette. Our new bar is the place to immerse yourself in the experience of handmade glass and the difference you can see, feel, taste, and even hear in the resonant bell tone of glassware clinking. We serve the best locally distilled spirits and craft beer, as well as wines from around the world, alongside an evening menu of small plates, and espresso and pastry by day. Cheers to our newest endeavor in Quechee - we hope you'll join us soon. Relax. Revive. Unwind. LEFT TO RIGHT Mill Red Wine $75 Mill Whiskey $65 Mill White Wine $72 Mill Flute $72 Mill Stemless Martini $72

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