Simon Pearce Fall 2016 Page 3

3 Being together in the kitchen means sharing flavors and conversation. Dining well is about food and how it's served but also the people with whom you gather. T O G E T H E R TOP LEFT LEFT TO RIGHT White Rose Blossom Candlestick $85 Blue Pacific Tulip Blossom Candlestick $95 Submarine Blue Rose Blossom Candlestick $85 Yellow Rose Blossom Candlestick $85 Submarine Blue Lily Blossom Candlestick $75 Stained Oak Lily Blossom Candlestick $75 TOP RIGHT LEFT TO RIGHT Essex Canister (S) $115 Gretchen Vase (M) $125 Essex Canister (L) $155 Essex Canister (M) $135 ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT Nantucket Bowl (S) $75 Wicker & Wire Round Baskets (Set of 3) $50 Nantucket Bowl (M) $165 Marble Bread/Dessert Plate $45 Provence Platter $450 OPPOSITE LEFT TO RIGHT Marble Pasta Bowl $55 Hartland Ridge Stone Dinner Plate $36 Hartland 5-Piece Flatware Setting in Gift Box $109 Bristol Goblet $75 Navy Chambray Fringe Napkin (20in) $15 Cast-Iron Pepper Mill $65 Oak Tulip Blossom Candlestick $95 Navy & Light Blue Chambray Fringe Runner (90in) $60 Iron Antelope Figure (M) $10 Iron Antelope Figure (L) $12

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