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6 Your table is a composition, you the artist. When guests take their place, the Bristol Collection says you care about them and their experience of the meal. C O M P O S I T I O N ABOVE LEFT TO RIGHT, CLOCKWISE Cobalt Taj Tart Tray $120 Bristol White Wine $72 Natural Banana Bark Placemats (Set of 4) $75 Navy Chambray Fringe Napkin (20in) $15 Ascutney Napkin Ring $25 Hartland Ridge Stone Salad/Dessert Plate $34 Hartland Ridge Stone Dinner Plate $36 Hartland 5-Piece Flatware Setting in Gift Box $109 Marble Bread/Dessert Plate $45 Hartland Ridge Stone Mug $28 Ludlow Hurricane $285 OPPOSITE TABLE, LEFT TO RIGHT Ludlow Whiskey Glass Set with Wood Base $225 Navy Chambray Fringe Napkin (20in) $15 Bristol Tumbler $65 Ludlow Hurricane with Wood Base $285 Nantucket Hurricane (L) $280 Hartland Ridge Stone Pasta Bowl $34 Hartland Ridge Stone Dinner Plate $36 Bristol White Wine $72 Smoked Oak Bird (4.75in) $79 Smoked Oak Bird (3in) $59 PURE Tall Wrap Vase $750 Shop the full collection at

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