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22 IN 2009, while attempting a complicated maneuver at the height of his Olympic training, Kevin Pearce, Simon and Pia's youngest son, suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI). To aid his recovery and to help others who've experienced similar traumas, Kevin and his brother Adam founded LoveYourBrain, a nonprofit that brings awareness and support to those affected by TBI. LoveYourBrain's mindful approach to brain injury and brain health comes through community education; healing yoga and meditation programming; and retreats that bring together survivors, caregivers, neurologists, yoga teachers, and family members to share healing techniques and form community. 20% of all proceeds from LoveYourBrain products go toward the foundation, helping to promote a positive approach to brain injury prevention and recovery. Pia and Simon have chosen our glass tealights as gifts they are giving to every doctor and person involved with Kevin's continued recovery. The vessels cast light far and wide. LOVE YOUR BRAIN C O L L E C T I O N LEFT TO RIGHT KP LoveYourBrain Tealight $50 KP LoveYourBrain Bowl $70 KP LoveYourBrain Hurricane $135 KP LoveYourBrain Candlestick $70 KEVIN PEARCE

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