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23 Traditions continue at Simon Pearce. Ever since the company was established in 1981, Simon Pearce has been using classic glass-making, wood turning, and pottery techniques that date back centuries. No matter how refined the design or how for- ward-looking the concept, handcrafting is required. Every item we make begins with a vision by one of our designers. Then, the elaborate process of manufacture starts-blowing, shaping, sculpting, cutting, trimming, molding, and cooling in our workshops in Vermont and Maryland. We believe in shar- ing our techniques and, so, visitors are welcome to visit and experience the very process. Design for Living celebrates more than four decades of the work by legendary glassmaker Simon Pearce. In the early 1970s, Pearce was captivated by the beauty and luminosity of Georgian glass, and he devoted himself to revitalizing the ancient craft of glassblowing for contemporary tastes. This visually rich book opens with an account of Pearce's youth in rural Ireland, which had a profound effect on his creative spirit, and his pivotal move to create an innovative workshop in Vermont. Showcased throughout the book are his iconic designs, photographed individually as well as in inspiring table and home settings. Profiles of the work of potters, glassmakers, and artisans that he collects and turns to for inspiration are also featured. Simon's desire to create glass with individuality and character inspires others to compose inviting moments with glass that are simple, sophisticated, and beautiful. By hand, eye, and breath SIMON PEARCE: Design for Living Simon Pearce: Design for Living $45 By Glenn Suokko Foreword by Simon Pearce Contribution by Margaret Downes

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